Bert Praxenthaler - Sculpture
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Bert Praxenthaler, Mikado, 2018 Bert Praxenthaler, Königin, bereuend, 2019 Bert Praxenthaler, Herrscher, erstaunt, 2019 NOW:

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Bert Praxenthaler, Altar, 2006 Bert Praxenthaler, Altar II, 2019 Bert Praxenthaler, Altar III, 2019 Bert Praxenthaler: Toten Manns Brett, 2010
Bert Praxenthaler: heimataltar, 2017 Bert Praxenthaler, Cubus III, 2017 Bert Praxenthaler, Ei I, 2007 Bert Praxenthaler

lives in the south of Bavaria (Germany). He completed his education as a wood sculptor and his study of art history in Munich. He is working as a freelance artist and as a specialist for historic sculpture in the field of preservation and restoration since 1986.

Tel: +49 8191 98 91 58

D-86929 Penzing
Epfenhausen, Bahnhofstr. 12